With great pleasure we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as an established and leading manufacturer, supplier, installer and service provider for Fire Safety Products & Solutions throughout the country. Our success has been built upon delivering excellence in design,innovation, quality and commitment to our customers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide unique safety solutions which reflect the mission-critical nature of the industry we serve. By working with, and addressing our customer’s specific safety requirements, we are able to engineer and deliver dedicated products and services on site-by-site basis.

We offer Aesthetically Designed High Quality and Easy to Use world class products which gives the complete “VALUE FOR MONEY” to its users. Our products are built with latest technologies, design, function and above all “SAFETY” to provide some well defined advantages over others.

The range of services i.e. Fire Extinguishers, Refilling, Fire Alarm System, Fire Hydrant System, Emergency Escape Products, Protection Devices etc. and a wealth of other Safety Solutions Expertise combine to provide our customers with choice, value, performance and dependability, unparalleled within our industry.

This dedication and commitment has enabled us to significantly increase and retain our customer base each year, including:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Data Centres
  • Leading Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Trading Companies
  • Facilities Management Organisations
  • Hospitals and Government Bodies
  • Media and Communications Providers
  • Utility Suppliers

Today, Power Technology has taken its rightful place on the leading edge of safety solutions for residential, commercial and industrial purpose. Our research and development team is committed to provide you the products equipped with latest technology as the company sees demand for new and innovative kind of solutions expanding to levels previously unseen, the commitment to innovative products, world-class engineering, responsive after-sales support and unmatched value is stronger than ever.

Our aim is to be the supplier of choice to our customers, the customer of choice to our suppliers and the workplace of choice to our employees. All of these qualities enable us to execute a successful and winning business strategy that result in Power Technology being able to offer an unparalleled services to the customers.

Trailord Safety solutions, exceptional technical expertise, first class products, services and support. All part of the experience when you choose Power Technology.

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