Closed-circuit television (CCTV), the use of video cameras to relay a signal to a specified location, on a limited set of monitors, is also known as video surveillance.
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  1. Analog Camera
  2. IP Camera / Network Camera
  3. Wireless / Wi-Fi Camera

Analog Camera

An analogue camera is a type of classic camera that is used in CCTV systems. It transmits video through cable to VCRs or DVRs.



CCTV surveillance camera HDDs are used to store, provide, and protect data.


It is used to supply power to DVR or the cameras.

BNC Connector

A BNC connector transmits the analogue video components of the camera to a Monitor screen or DVR.

RJ6 Cables

It is used to power your security cameras and receive video signals from them.

IP Camera / Network Camera

It is a kind of digital video camera that utilizes an IP network to deliver and receive picture and control data. It is based on switches and better than Analog Camera.



A network video recorder which captures video and stores all of the data.

Switches – POE

It is used to power and connect Network Camera through Ethernet cables.


CCTV security camera Data is provided, protected, and stored on HDDs.

Cat6 Wire

It is used to transmit signals from Camera to NVR.

RJ45 Connector

It is a push & pull plug closes the port on your camera. Keeps moisturized your camera and prevent entering water in it. It is used in Cat6 wire.

Wireless / Wi-Fi Camera

It is a wireless camera which give users the flexibility to put security cameras anywhere, There is power available without connecting a video connection, retaining the quality reputation that connected security cameras offer.


SD Card

It is designed to store a brief video clip of movement that triggers motion-activated recordings.


It is used to concentrate the power source of several cameras to a single location.


CCTV security camera Data is provided, protected, and stored on HDDs.

Internet Service

If you link your cameras to the Internet, you can access and control them from any location in the world as long as you have Internet access.

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