Dual Power Fixed Water Supply Equipment

Dual Power Fixed Water Supply Equipment

  • Dual Power Fixed Water Supply Equipment Used For Fire-protection´╝Ürefers to the engine engine and electric motor pumps combinations, the control cabinet, control instrumentation and related accessories. Using pre- programmed way to the fire control network continued water supply of fire water supply equipment.

  • Electric fire pump refers to the fire pump of motor driven. Engine pump refers to engine driven (usually diesel, gasoline, natural gas internal combustion engine) as a driving power source of the fire pump water pump.

  • Various fire hydrants, fire main pump spray pump;

  • Suitable for a variety of fire booster and constant-pressure pump occasions; A variety of villas, residential and other fire-fighting system;

  • Industrial and civil construction of fire water system.

  • For a variety of depots, oil loading dock, logistics parks and other high fire demanding occasions.

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