Safety & Personal Protection Equipment:


Personal Protective Equipment an employee may use specialist clothing or equipment to protect themselves against infectious materials. By erecting a barrier between the potential hazardous material and the healthcare worker, personal protective equipment (PPE) avoids contact with an infectious agent or body fluid that may contain an infectious agent.

Components Gloves:

physically handling potentially infected goods or contaminated surfaces, gloves can protect you.

Safety Helmet:

It prevent or reduce head and brain injuries by shielding yourself from falling objects or other debris, collisions with other objects, electric shock, and rain. If the appropriate head protection is chosen, utilized, and maintained, the majority of head injuries can be prevented.

Safety Shoes:

Safety shoes provide defence against impact, cuts, burns, and more! Safety boots also provide traction when walking on slick or uneven terrain, assisting in avoiding falls that could result in more serious issues including broken bones and brain traumas.

Safety Goggles:

The main safeguards meant to protect the eyes from liquid or chemical splashes, stinging mists, vapours, and fumes are goggles. They create a seal around the eyes to protect them and keep things and liquids from getting in there.

Harness Belt:

A safety harness is a set of restraints that guard against falling while being worn. The danger of injury from a fall is significantly decreased by wearing the belt or harness.

Reflector Jackets:

The purpose of wearing high-visibility warning apparel is to draw attention to the wearer’s presence in environments and circumstances that pose a risk to their health and safety.

Ear Plug:

A device called an earplug is placed in the ear canal to shield the user’s ears from loud noises, splashes of water, foreign objects, dust, or strong winds. Earplugs are frequently used to help prevent hearing loss and tinnitus because they lower the level of the sound (ringing of the ears).

Full Face Mask:

The full-face mask gives the diver breathing gas and creates an air pocket for easier viewing underwater. Breathing gas during descent automatically equalizes the one air space that is typically used for both breathing and vision.

Exit Sign:

It is obvious that exit signs are a key component of a safe structure. Their purpose is to act as a bright light, showing scared people how to escape perilous situations and first responders how to enter them.

Safety Sign:

Displaying safety signs is crucial for preventing accidents and making sure that workers and visitors are informed of any potential risks and hazards in specific circumstances and/or settings.


Fire Proof Doors:

Since a fire outbreak is never predicted, the fire door, unlike any other door, must then fulfil its principal duty of protecting people while also providing safety for the rest of the building and for nearby structures.

Eye Shower:

In the case of a chemical leak, a safety shower/eyewash is a tool used to wash toxins off a person. They are available separately or as a single item. It is possible to find safety shower/eyewash stations in corridors or in rooms. If a bathroom contains a shower, eyewash most certainly exists as well.

Emergency Exit Lights:

Emergency exit lighting is intended to highlight exit pathways, including stairways and hallways, as well as the position of fire extinguishers and security devices, including key boxes that store emergency keys for exit doors.

Floor Marking:

To offer information about a specific location, floor marking employs visual symbols, such as lines, put directly to the floor. Aisles, walkways, and other areas are frequently marked on the ground in warehouses and other industrial settings

Safety Overalls:

Their primary function is to protect the worker from risks such as chemical, biological, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, and electrical. They can either cover or replace personal clothes.

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